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Two Hearts One Love Activity Center is an Adult Day Center. We specialize in providing care for people with disabilities. However, we are also well known within the community due to our home care agency (Two Hearts One Love). In which we provide in-home care services to individuals within their homes. Two Hearts One Love Activity Center is designed to help participants function more normally in everyday life using hands-on learning techniques. We also assist individuals to enhance their life skills in sized structured classrooms, sheltered workshops, or within the community. Supervision, Personal support, and daily training are provided to the participants to assist them in making the transition into a community lifestyle.

Services Provided

Individualized Programs and Activities

Our programs and activities are designed to meet individualized skills. We prioritize community involvement and provide a range of engaging activities to help individuals reach their goals and develop new hobbies and interests. Depending on your Individualized Service Plan (ISP), your loved ones may take part in goal-driven activities like the following:

  • Reading
  • Arts & crafts
  • Computer training
  • Physical fitness
  • Cooking
  • Personal appearance
  • Job placement

We also give opportunities for individuals to hold roles within our day program giving them a sense of pride in their work. Participants can earn wages for their services.

Therapeutic Services and Support

Our staff offers personalized support and training to boost your loved one’s confidence and help them learn new skills. Additionally, we motivate them to participate in group activities where they can interact with others in the community. We incorporate learning and fun to help persons reach their personal goals and may include:

  • Developing vocational skills
  • Becoming aware of personal safety
  • Strengthening communication skills
  • Money management
  • Learning alternative behavior strategies
  • Improving independent living skills
  • Enhancing mobility

Adult day programs keep adults occupied throughout the morning and early afternoon. They can return home in the evening more relaxed, and their family can enjoy some desired personal time. Knowing that their loved one is enjoying companionship and care, our day programs give the families peace of mind which allows them to handle their daily commitments without worry or interruption.